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To celebrate diversity, we first need to accept that it’s here. So share a beer with someone out of your comfort zone and strike up
a conversation! We find you might have more in common than you’d think. We shape our own future. We craft our own nation.

Pick your preference

Tastes differ. Some like it hopped, some prefer a more subtle flavour...
No matter your preference, we’ve got it covered with some good quality beers.

malty floral
bitter sour
fruity spicy
Imperial IPA
Hop on the band wagon
7.8% Alc./Vol

Floral and zesty flavours of tropical fruits with Mosaic and Yellow Sub hops, yet smooth and creamy. Biscuit malt gives it a warm, bready flavour with hints of caramel. This triple hopped beer is a hop lover’s dream. With 7.8% alcohol, our amber coloured Imperial IPA packs a bitter punch. Tasty ‘til the bitter end!

malty floral
bitter sour
fruity spicy
Session IPA
Easier said than done
4.9% Alc./Vol

Tropical fruits and hints of pine with Vic Secret hops, our Session IPA is crisp, light and smooth. This golden coloured beer is triple hopped with a toasted malt base. Spicy herbal undertones, yet delicate and aromatic. With only 4.9% alcohol, it’s quite easy going but not lacking in body and taste, making it a very sessionable IPA indeed!

malty floral
bitter sour
fruity spicy
Alcohol free IPA
Nothing comes from nothing
0.5% Alc./Vol

Refreshing alcohol free IPA with Aurora and Comet hops for some bite. Well, almost entirely alcohol free. We left 0.5% alcohol to ensure the best taste. With grassy notes and a fruity freshness sitting on a solid malt bassline, you’ll still get your beer fix but you can skip on the alcohol. Our daytime friendly conversation starter!

malty floral
bitter sour
fruity spicy
Craft lager
A golden opportunity
4.8% Alc./Vol

Double hopped German pilsner crafted with Aurora hops for floral and spicy notes. Our craft lager has a strong hop bitterness and smooth texture, which makes for an easy-going beer with a little oomph. At an alcohol percentage of 4.8%, the body is crisp and clean with a mild malty taste. This’ll get you totally on board!

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How we brew

We are passionate about brewing mind-blowing beers. That’s why they’re lovingly crafted
to perfection in our state-of-the-art brewery in Germany.







Spread the love


We are passionate about brewing mind-blowing beers. Crafted to perfection from the finest ingredients in our state-of-the-art German brewery, we cater to beer lovers all over the world.

But we want to share even more love! We strongly believe everyone is equal, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, looks, religion, income and education. How dull would the world be if we were all the same, right?

Solving inequity can be a big task, but many hands make light work. We are here to inspire you to make a difference, one beer at a time. It’s the small stuff that you can do every day that makes the biggest impact. So open up a fresh can of new insights and celebrate diversity with us!

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Unlock our world

Bring your can to life by scanning the QR-code with your phone! The code opens an AR-filter in Instagram we created to provide you with some beer for thought. Why not sip on it over a nice cold Craft Nation beer?


Don’t have a can at hand? Just scan the image below with your phone if you’re using a desktop. Using your phone? Click the image to open a digital preview.

Challenge yourself to think about the topics raised in our selfie filter and share your views. How are you and your friends contributing to a more inclusive society? Get your craft together and find out!

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